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Whether you want to take your fund development to the next level, build a board that brings your mission to life, market your programs more clearly and powerfully, or streamline your operations, GLCYD has the staff and resources to help. (Radio clip about GLCYD)

Mission of GLCYD

GLCYD provides youth-serving and nonprofit organizations with expertise, training and learning opportunities so that all youth can thrive in healthy communities across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Our focus on positive youth development leads us to serve all regional nonprofits. A strong nonprofit community is essential to creating a healthy environment for youth. Nonprofit organizations play a key role in our region—serving children and families and making this a great place to live.

The Center supports these organizations by providing skill building workshops, tailored consulting and training, and spreading the word on new ideas, technology and other resources.

Areas of Expertise

Our team of staff and consultants work with nonprofits throughout the region. We believe that all community members play a critical role in creating a healthy environment for youth. Therefore, we strive to assist nonprofit organizations of all shapes, sizes and missions. Areas in which we have provided this help include nonprofit management, marketing and communications, volunteer management, board development, strategic planning, evaluation, fund development and sustainability.


Become a Member of GLCYD and build our programs and services into your strategic plan. Let us help you strengthen your organization's future and increase your capacities for meeting the needs of the children and families you serve. We all want a stronger and healthier youth environment.

Let's work together. Call us to see how we can help you.
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Workshops and Training

Our workshops help nonprofit staff, volunteers and community members identify how to be more effective in the communities they serve. Planned and customized workshops offer everything from being a powerful force in creating a healthy youth environment to how to write press release on your next event.


Upper Peninsula Nonprofit Conference

The U.P. Nonprofit Conference is the only regional chance to gather with leaders, staff, board members and volunteers of other nonprofits for a day of networking, workshops and speakers, discussion and collaboration, drawings, exhibits, tools, ideas, and resources. People from throughout the U.P. and beyond gather each fall to share ideas and fire up the passions that drive their nonprofit missions and visions.


Technical Assistance & Consulting

Every organization's needs are unique, which is why GLCYD believes it is important to offer tailored approaches to tackling the issues and challenges nonprofits are facing today. Our first step is building a well-rounded understanding of what your organization needs, what resources are available, and how GLCYD can help. We have assisted clients on projects ranging from communications audits and identifying clients to replacing disappearing funding sources and facilitating strategic planning sessions with board members.


Youth-Focused Programs and Research

Our youth-focused work focuses on continually improving the environment for young people in our communities and supporting efforts of other organizations striving to do the same. Programs like Excellence in Education and Put the "You" into Youth Award celebrate successes in positive youth development. Projects like Learning Networks, work in substance abuse prevention and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Initiative work to provide a board range of knowledge and resources to communities. Learning just how well we are doing when it comes to giving our young people what they need to grow into healthy, caring adults is done through efforts such as youth asset surveys and the State of the Youth Report.

Foundation Prospect Research

There are countless foundations poised to support just as many nonprofit endeavors. Often times the real challenge is sorting through all the possible funding sources to find out which are the best fit for your organization's mission and programs. Foundation Prospect Research simplifies and streamlines that process, pulling organizations out of the time consuming search process and putting them back on the track to making a difference in their communities.

Membership, Fees & Scholarships

GLCYD offers a membership program that provides members discounts for services and other benefits. Customers who are members are also eligible for scholarships that can lower fees for services so they are more affordable depending on an organization's needs and capacity.

Our fees are based on required services; we work with you to build a service plan that you can afford and will meet your needs.

Email or call the Center to discuss your organization's needs! Call 906-228-8919 or toll free at 1-877-339-6884.

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